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Virtual Disco

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The Virtual Disco
powered by Mish Fundraising


Disco Fundraising Products

Scroll down for the Disco Fundraising Packs and Party Lights suited for the Virtual Disco.

We have Fundraising Packs for $19, $25 and $30 to suit the whānau.

Each pack includes a bunch of cool disco party toys, freebies and an option to add a disco bulb for only $5, normally $15.

Your school is simply nominated at the checkout to receive the fundraising profit.



On-screen Disco Lights

Funky alternatives to the $5 disco bulb

Customisable Disco Lights from MoodLight 

10 Hours of Simple Colours [Flashing!] by Startgrid 

Disco Lights App for Android via the Play Store

Disco Lights App for Apple Devices

Colourful Big Discoball, for background or big screens



Spotify Playlists

Mish, by peytonsam2010 Sam is a sunny friend of Mish who works with school children and her and her daughter have the BEST moves. We're super stoked to have her input! There's 36 songs, filling 2 hours of dance time!

Mish Virtual Fundraising Disco Playlist #1 First collaborative Mish playlist, based on Sam's above. With this link you can add suggested songs. For this collab to work the songs you add must be clean and appropriate for the hearts and minds of primary school ages. 

Mish Virtual Fundraising Disco Playlist #2 Second collab, with a faster beat and more electronic sounds.

Disco Fever by Spotify Four hours on the floor with your disco kings and queens.

Disco 100 Hits Album Over 6 hours of non stop disco hits! 


For Fundraising Coordinators

Make use of the free resources to make this Virtual Disco a virtual fundraising reality!
Want to organise a Virtual Fundraising Disco? Head over here for more info.


Our intention is to resource and direct you to have a fun, safe fundraising disco. We found the programmes, functions and apps mentioned on this page via Google searches, and playlists were found or made using Spotify searches. We're not affiliated with any of them unless we explicitly say so, and take no responsibility for the content, quality, or consequences of use regardless of our involvement. You use ALL of these resources at your own risk.