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Fundraising Tips

Boost Sales at your Disco Fundraiser
Tips that Work

We are in the business of making people smile! Mish has now had over 10 years experience sourcing and supplying glowing and flashing items for discos and night fundraisers throughout NZ. We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure the best quality and price and we offer a No Risk process for fundraising customers, so you can send back what you don’t sell. We are at your service from your first inquiry with top advice and expert disco knowledge.

Display them glowing at the start- when the kiddles see them glowing they’ll want them! The quicker the first few kids grab some the faster you will sell out! Encourage the selling team to wear the products so it’s easy to see where to get them from.

Safety First. If the glowstick tubes are on a table SECURE them using duct tape or lie them down. Dropping a lot of bracelets will activate them - very pretty but not helpful.

Display the FLASHERS. Even if you don’t sell flashing toys still have a few on display, they are fantastic prizes and attract attention.  If you do sell them your sales and profits will sky rocket!

Offer Presales. Presales are a great way to make the most of your sales is pre-selling glow goodies with the ticket. Go one step further and make a $5 pack by throwing in a loot bag with snacks and a flashing star or ring.

After your disco, return your unsold products to us for a credit, and pay for what you used.
Pay Nothing until after the disco. You will regret selling out and having to turn away sales.
Return to us what you do not sell. We can take the hassle out of knowing how much to buy. 

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Daytime Fundraising

School Fair?   Make sure your tables or stands are bright and colourful. Hang balloons, streamers and inflatables to attract people and make it obvious what you're selling.  

Know what else is going on. If it's possible, get all the people involved together before the event starts so they all know each other and what's on offer. It really helps in conversations with your customers, and encourages a friendly festive atmosphere. Put an event map on your table.  

Show what you know. Know your products. Play with them, create funny settings with them and show them in action. You can also put some sample products from other tables, or print-outs around your table or stand. Adding a bit of fudge to your bright products table won't hurt your sales, and you can direct people to the fudge people! 

Carry the theme. If your event has a theme then incorporate it in every area, even if it's an obvious stretch, it will at least get a few raised eyebrows or smiles as engagement. Try a scavenger hunt that searches the event stands, a puzzle piece finder, or a themed colouring in competition - these work particularly well at the seating area. If you don't have a theme, maybe choose an inflatable animal to print as a colouring in competition, and hide it in other stalls (how many can you find?). 

Volunteers. Fundraising events often rely on the good natures and willing hands of volunteers. You'll probably be hosting an event at least annually, so it's really helpful to have a team of people who are reliable and committed longer term. It's not too hard to prepare a good working environment, even with the changing dynamics of a fundraising committee/ group, but it does take some effort.
Know them. Be organised. Give information. Allow creativity. Find fun. Get feedback.

Exult. If you are interested in learning more about working with volunteers Kerri and her team at Exult are exceptional. Learn more or contact them at