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Our Mish roots were firmly planted in the vibrant, light-loving, music-chasing landscape of early 2000. We took our lights and smiles to events and festivals all over Aotearoa and began to fill our product and industry knowledge tanks.  We still chase light and music (and knowledge) and have found our feet, helping our local communities reach their goals.   A personal desire to live in a world of fairness and equality drives us to design our product range and work ethically with overseas manufacturing partners. Our Christchurch team is a truly wonderful group of humans who work together like machines to get it right.

Everyday humans like us will find all the flashing, glowing and twinkling smiles here to glam up the homes, gardens, parties, weddings and projects. Email or phone us if there's something you want that you can't see. 

Fundraising groups will use our product knowledge and experience to choose fun, easy products to sell at discos, fairs and events. We work with hundreds of community groups, schools, preschools, sports clubs, councils, and special causes & projects.

Life is better lived in light. 
We hope to bring more light to the world, one sparkle, twinkle and smile at a time. 
With you. 

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