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Mish Fundraising Virtual Disco

How to Fundraise with a Mish Virtual Disco

We've done all the work so you don't have to!

Sit back and collect the fundraising profits while you build that community spirit up again after this time off through the stages of lockdown! This is a win/win, its something different since we still have small group limits, it's building the community spirit up, its bringing in some much needed fundraising profit and it having fun at the same time. If the government increases the group sizes allowed to meet together its only going to make this easier and more fun. The more the merrier!


  1. Set the Date. Let us know your school's virtual disco

  2. Tell your Community.  Use our Newsletter and Email templates to tell them about the fundraiser. Include links to the Mish Virtual Disco Fundraising Shop

  3. Promote the Disco. Make the most of our Social Media Templates, links below. 

  4. Invite friends. All of them. Yours, your childrens, the neighbours. Just stay under 100 :p

  5. Promote. Promote. Promote.



Advertising Material

Blurb for Newsletter and Emails

Images for Social Media Use: Scroll down for options for pre-designed Canva templates you can use. 


On-screen Disco Lights

Funky alternatives to the $5 disco bulb

Customisable Disco Lights from MoodLight 

10 Hours of Simple Colours [Flashing!] by Startgrid 

Disco Lights App for Android via the Play Store

Disco Lights App for Apple Devices

Colourful Big Discoball, for background or big screens


Spotify Playlists

Mish, by peytonsam2010 Sam is a sunny friend of Mish who works with school children and her and her daughter have the BEST moves. We're super stoked to have her input! There's 36 songs, filling 2 hours of dance time!

Mish Virtual Fundraising Disco Playlist #1 First collaborative Mish playlist, based on Sam's above. With this link you can add suggested songs. For this collab to work the songs you add must be clean and appropriate for the hearts and minds of primary school ages. 

Mish Virtual Fundraising Disco Playlist #2 Second collab, with a faster beat and more electronic sounds.

Disco Fever by Spotify Four hours on the floor with your disco kings and queens.

Disco 100 Hits Album Over 6 hours of non stop disco hits! 



If you'd like to use one of these just let us know the text and we'll send you image files to use :)



VIRTUAL for Web by onamish