Fibre Optic Lite Hair Extensions

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  1. Twinkly and Sparkly

    Posted by Sheree on 1st Aug 2018

    Great product and even better that you can turn them on and off so they can be re-used for other occassions.


Product Description

Incredibly vibrant and colourful fibre optic stands hair extension that simply clips into your hair or onto other parts of your body or clothing.

Even looks fantastic under clothing shining through.

LED colour is RAINBOW : multiple LED colours that flash in a dazzling sequence. 

Batteries included.


Need something extra for your hair? Try New Fibre Optic Lites Extensions. These dazzling lights sparkle like stars in your hair. Stand out with this unique accessory at sleepovers, concerts, holiday parties, dances, princess parties, nightclubs - any evening event! These can be incorporated into any hairstyle or updo.

How to Use:

First attach the barrette clip to the hair. The barrette can be hidden under a layer of hair so that only the lights are visible.

The flexible fibers can then be treated just like strands of hair - loop, bend cut, etc. You can do almost anything with the fibers that you do with hair, with the exception of using a curling iron; high heat will melt the plastic fibers.

To maximize brightness, cut the fibers at a 45 degree angle. If the fibers are cut across, then much of the light will just go straight out the bottom. But cutting at a 45 degree angle will cause the light to bounce or reflect outwards, making them 2-3 times brighter!