40w UV Blacklight Bulb

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    Posted by Carol on 3rd Oct 2016

    These lights are awesome, makes a party such fun esp when guests wear lots of white !!

  2. Great light !!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2016

    This light works really well and makes your room look amazing ! Just check that you may need more than one for your room depending on size .


Product Description

Massive 40watt True UV Bulb

The future of UV lighting is here...
Similar to the UV you see in the clubs, this 40watt 5000 hr long life blacklight-blue bulb will glow an entire room!

Don't be fooled by blacklight bulbs that look like normal light bulbs and pretend to put out true UV light. They are just purple light bulbs and will not create the effect you are after.

What you really want is a blacklight bulb that will light up an entire room with true UV Glowing Craziness!!

Strong sturdy construction and a stylish design make this bulb perfect for the bedroom, party or alternative mood lighting...

ITEM: 40w UV bulb (bayonet cap - push n twist or ES base)

The original True Blacklight-Blue bulb is designed to fit standard light sockets, and features a long life energy saving bulb guaranteed to glow for at least 5000hrs. It doesn't get very hot so is safer to handle. This bulb will glow an entire room with true UV effects! The UV output is equivalent to a 4 foot tube (These sell for up to $100)

360 deg of UV with no screws to attach and conveniently portable.